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*Increasingly, companies are finding it necessary to translate materials into other languages, either for their international efforts, or for a changing domestic population. Because this is relatively new for the companies, the value of a good translation has been underestimated. Translation is like advertising: nobody likes to spend the money, but it is clear that there is value to it. Attitudes are changing, however, and one thing that is seldom discussed is the fact that Translation is an Art!

There is a very real link between time and quality. If you want something done overnight, do not expect it to be as polished as something that the translator had time to review, revise and edit.

Choose your translation provider carefully, and decide whether you want to work with a translation company or an indivisual translator. Start with clear text, develop glossaries, provide reference material and have someone review the language.

*the texts are excerpts of Steven P. Iverson article "The Art of Translation" - World Trade magazine Jan. 2004